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Specification of Load cell

Load cell is an electrical device testing tool that can transform an energy into other energy used to convert a signal into listrik.Pada style strain guage (load cell) or commonly called the deformation strain gauge.
The strain gauge or load cell to measure changes berepengaruh on the strain as an electric signal, for effective change occurs in the load electric wire barriers.

The output from monitoring changes in conditions can be improved to calculate the force applied to perabaikan and condition monitoring. Various types of cell / load existing slots including cells / slot hydraulic load, strain gage is the most important part of a Load Cell. With the function to detect the magnitude of changes in the dimensions of the distance caused by an element of style. Strain gages are generally used in precision measurement force, weight, pressure, torque, displacement and other mechanical quantity.

Later converted into voltage energy into mechanical members. Strain gage or load cell produces a change in resistance value which is proportional to the long-term changes or changes through the duration of the process.

CV. GIFT OF WEIGHTS sell Loadcell digital spare load cell is a device weighing digital with a load cell which will give an output voltage of a change in resistance that occurs due to changes in the position of supporting a load, so these changes need to be put to the amplifier in order to get a voltage that can be read by ADC microcontroller, IC OP-AMP used are IC INA114, INA114 IC output data will be converted to digital using ADC port 10bit microcontroller, then the ADC data display to the LCD screen.
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In addition to the scales Load cell To Service that we provide a very no doubt that we have reliable service scales.

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