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Floor Scales A12e
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Sell Floor Scales A12e

Specification of Floor Scales A12e

Sonic A12e Floor Scales

The floor scales or the floor scale are designed with more complex and stronger structures to be able to measure loads larger than the scales in general. To be able to do so, the floor scales are supported by a compression type load cell positioned between two plates to hold the load on it. The number and characteristics of load cells deployed under the plate greatly determine the load capacity of the Floor Scales that can be measured by this type of scales. The load cell is dispersed, positioned symmetrically (corner locked) under the plate so that the weight of the load is spread evenly on each load cell. It is necessary to provide more accurate load information on the indicator screen. You do not need to do it all because we have been selling floor scales with a choice of specifications and more flexible dimensions.

Selling Quality Floor Scales

Floor Scales are made for the needs of Heavy Duty Industry. In accordance with the current development of this type of scales have been more simple and efficient raw materials, using the load cell beam as a digital sensor device the scales can already function properly. The specifications are as follows:

- Brand: Sonic
- Type: A12e
- Model: Scales floor
- Platform: 30 × 40, 40 × 50, 50 × 60, 60 × 80 cm
- Capacity: 30 kg - 600 kg
- A12E stainless steel bench scale
- Standard bench scale
- Red light display
- Rechargeable battery
- Build in RS 232
- High quality load cell
- High quality alloy steel construction
- Stainless steel cover plate

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