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CV. Gift of Scales

Sell ​​weigh scales, sell digital scales, in addition to selling CV Karunia Scales also receive service services, calibration and certified re-certified metrology, service - kind of brand / type digital scales we use spare parts that warranty and high quality, service scales we are assisted by the technicians who are experienced in their respective fields,

we sell floor scales, sell crenscale scales, sell scales sit, sell hybrid scales, sell desk scales, sell fishing scales, sell animal scales, sell analitycal scales, sell car scales and sell other digital scales

for further information please contact:

Hp: 081287777008 / WhatsApp 082115528125.



we will help you to choose the digital scales according to the desired needs, for the floor scales can be message according to size, capacity and specifications of iron,

special car weigh scales can accept the manufacture of scales at your location, we will help with CV CV team Scales for foundation supervision services, welding tehknisi on location and installation tehknisi, car weighing calibration

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :