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Printer Floor Scales
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Specification of Printer Floor Scales

Selling Digital Floor Scales from the name can already be seen that the scales sit is a scale that is weighed in a sitting condition or we often know Platform Scale. Floor Scales have been around since ancient times, sitting scales used to be known as duck scales because of their shape like ducks.

Center for Selling Digital Scales, Cheap Scales Spare Parts, complete, quality and guaranteed.

CV Karunia Timbangan sells a variety of digital scales, sells loadcell and services, services for digital scales, calibration and certified tera we sell sell scales, table scales, hanging scales, floor scales, analytical scales, animal scales, truck scales and other electronic scales .

Printer Floor Scales Specifications

CAS brands

CI200A type

Power 6volt rechargeable battery, 12 volt adapter

2000kg / 0.5kg capacity

Floor Scales Model

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CV. Gift of Scales
JL. Raya Kosambi Barat No. 24 RT.004 RW 002, Kosambi Barat Tagerang, Tangerang Banten, Indonesia

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