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Quatro Scale Mac-S
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Specification of Quatro Scale Mac-S

Provide service of digital scales, weighing tables, calibration and calibration re-certified on a wide variety of brand / type, Scales is a tool Spoken perform mass measurement of an object. These products are categorized into mechanical systems and also elektronjik / Digital

Sell sit scales, floor scales, hanging scales, truck scales, animal scales, scales analitycal, mechanical scales / manuals etc.

Sell loadcell Zemic, Mk cell, Kubota, Kelly sqb, Cas, Usell, etc.



0,1gram 3kg x 27cm x 21cm

6kg x0,2gram 27cm x 21cm

0,5gram 15kg x 27cm x 21cm

1gram 30kg x 270cm x 210cm


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